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A tree is a long-term investment.
Therefore, start with a high-quality plant.
WE back our trees with a FULL 1

Even if some darn dog digs it
Thuja Gardens
Where you find QUALITY trees @ reasonable prices!
The most costly part of running any business is the cost of advertizing. At Thuja Gardens we grow
and ship top Quality trees at reasonable prices, doing so is the BEST least expensive advertising of all.
We ship via FedEx
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We are located in Chesnee,SC 29323
Spring shipping ended June 15th. - Fall shipping starts September 1st.
All orders recieved between now and September 1st. will be considered Fall orders and will ship early September
or at customers request. With temps getting up to 130 degres in FedEx traliers theres a big chance of damage to
plants that might not show up until later. Better to be safe than sorry!