Dawn redwood is a rare deciduous conifer with bright green opposite
needles that fade to coppery-golden in the autumn. It was believed to be
extinct for centuries. Until first specimen were brought from China in 1941
and propagated throughout the world. This fast growing tree of pyramidal
habit looks beautiful and at the same time exotic enough to stand on its
own, or it can be used as a windbreak.

Dawn redwood trunks are remarkably straight and the tree grows in a
tall, slender, pyramidal shape. They are hardy and care-free. With their
cinnamon colored, exfoliating bark and deciduous nature, Dawn redwoods
are quite the conversation piece. The leaves turn a lovely
cinnamon-bronze in fall.

These trees grew when dinosaurs roamed the Earth!

The dawn-redwood is becoming a popular, fast-growing shade and
specimen tree.
Dawn Redwood
2 to 3 feet trees
buy 2 or more @ $36.95 ea.
Dawn Redwoods have been know to grow as much as 7 ft. in 1
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Dawn Redwoods
a very effective, fast growing screen, perfect as a long driveway
4 to 5 feet trees
buy 2 or more @ $48.95 ea.