Augusta Beauty - Fragrant, Double-flowered, and Everblooming
Augusta Beauty - Fragrant, Double-flowered, and
Incredible, glowing white flowers arise continuously and
profusely all summer long. An everblooming Gardenia, 'August
Beauty' keeps the flowers coming all summer, instead of just for a
few weeks. Wonderfully fragrant and double-flowered,
it is a magnificent shrub in compact, well-branched form.

2-3" double white, wonderfully fragrant blooms are borne for an
exceptionally long period on this hardy evergreen shrub.
Rich deep green foliage on a dense plant. One of the favorites
among the larger growing Gardenia varieties in southern

Grows 6 to 8 feet tall & wide - Hardy in Zones 7 to 10
All $400.00 orders recieved through March 15th. will have one
Large 3gal. 3ft. tall Augusta Beauty added to their order.
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