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Kelim's Hardy
GARDENIA jasminoides 'Kleim's Hardy'

The hardy gardenia 'Kleim's Hardy' is a small and tidy evergreen shrub that originates from China. Its lustrous glossy leaves
provide landscape interest all season. In late spring or early summer it offers large, highly perfumed, creamy six-petaled
flowers. These may reappear sporadically until the cool days of autumn.

'Kleim's Hardy' is the first of its kind that can be grown outdoors all year round. Its glossy evergreen foliage provides the
perfect backdrop for the exquisite blooms in summer. A beautiful, compact shrub for sheltered borders and containers.
Height and
Grows 2 to 3 feet tall & 2 to 3 feet wide - Hardy in Zones 6 to 10
Ideal for patio, scented gardens,
exotic garden.Flowering period is
June, July, August
Plant 'Kleim's Hardy' in sheltered
borders or containers in any well
drained, rich fertile, neutral to acid
'Kleim's Hardy'
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Incredible, glowing white flowers arise continuously and
profusely all summer long.
Our 'Kleim's Hardy'
in the 3gal. Pot
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'Kleim's Hardy'
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