Red Sunset® maple is one of the
commonly grown planted maple
cultivars all across ...
This is the tree that most people think of when
they think of Japanese maples. It holds its red
color throughout ...
'Brandywine' is oval in shape and
makes a great shade tree for smaller
yards. one of the hybrid red maples
that has become so ...
Armstrong has a typical columnar
habit and are growing very well.
This is an excellent choice ..
October Glory maple trees produce vibrant red
flowers in spring, dark green leaves in summer,
and some of the most...
Autumn Blaze® is very adaptable
to a  wide range of climate and soil
conditions. It tolerates...
Red Japanese Maples
Maples are everyone's favorites for fall color. Try one of these top varieties.
Shade trees can beautify your yard, reduce energy costs, and improve air and ... Why grow it: Red maple grows in every
region, is deer-resistant, and offers lots of shade.

Fall is the best time for appreciating the beauty of shade trees. It’s also the best time to plant them. Cool temperatures
mean minimal transplanting shock. And after the leaves drop, you can let nature take care of watering until spring. Plus,
even though the above-ground part of the tree is dormant, the roots can keep growing all winter in the South. This
results in faster growth the following spring.
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