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Gardenia ‘Radicans’ is a prostrate and spreading or horizontal form of gardenia that has become a favorite. This
dwarf cultivar of Gardenia is much different from the species. Trailing Gardenia reaches a height of 2 to 3 feet and can
spread 4 to 6 feet. This plant has an open, horizontal branching habit that makes it an attractive ground cover. It will not
grow into a shrub, as does the species. The small, dark lustrous green leaves generally occur on the stem in 3’s. The
leaves are accompanied by one-inch, white, very fragrant flowers in the spring and summer.

Radicans is great in planter boxes or pots and makes a lovely border plant. It is also a good mass or foreground plant for
the front of a shrub border. Trailing Gardenia will also cascade nicely over a wall. It is most commonly used as a ground
One of the favorites among the
lsmaller growing Gardenia
varieties in southern regions.

Radicans Gardenia is an attractive
uniform low growing spreading
evergreen shrub. Fertilizes every
spring with slow-release fertilizer.
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Incredible, glowing white flowers arise continuously and
profusely all summer long.
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