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The Heritage River Birch is the most popular and widely
grown type of river birch tree. The distinctive bark is the main
feature of the tree and sets it apart from other river birches.It
is also disease-resistant and tolerates warm temperatures
betterthan other river birch cultivars.

This vigorous grower has exfoliating bark that is lighter than
most River Birch,ranging from tan to creamy white to
parchment white. While it tolerates wet, poorly drained soils,
it does well in upland soils, and is resistant to bronze birch
Fast-growing shade tree growing up to 4 feet yearly.

The Heritage River Birch tree's Mature Height is 30 -
60 feet, Mature Spread 25 - 40 feet. Zones 4 to 9
The birch is a large deciduous tree, growing 90 feet in height and spreading 30 to 50 feet.  It grows at a medium to rapid rate of 30 to
40 feet over a 20-year period.

One of the most appealing features of the birch is the bark, which, on larger, young branches and stems, is reddish to pinkish brown
and peels off in papery strips. The exposed inner bark is gray-brown to cinnamon-brown to reddish brown. The bark of a mature birch
is ridged and deepens to dark brown. This tree is handsome without leaves because of its graceful silhouette and exfoliating bark.

The graceful elegance of the birch allows it to be used as a specimen or for naturalizing, and is best used in large areas. It transplants
easily and is most effective when planted in groupings. A multi-trunk specimen is more handsome than single-trunk trees. It should not
be planted in high-use areas such as driveways, walks and patios, as dead branches tend to be messy. Periodic pruning is required to
remove these branches; this can be done at any time of year. Pruning healthy trees should be done when the tree is dormant (late
summer to before midwinter), as this tree bleeds heavily.
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This vigorous grower has exfoliating bark that is lighter
than most River Birch, ranging from tan to creamy white
to parchment white.
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Tree measurements are of the tree only Does not include the pots
When your plants arive, just take them
out of the box and keep them damp until
ready to plant
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Heritage® River Birch
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Heritage® River Birch
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buy 2 or more @ $48.95 ea.
3 trees per clump
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