Positive         tim_in_Columbia
Columbia, SC
(1 review)
May 19, 2017         I recently ordered five 3 gallon thuja giants and had them shipped by fed-ex. They arrived within 2-3 days of being ordered
and as mentioned in other comments, Roy has the packing down to a fine art! All trees looked great and I quickly got them into the ground into
large holes with 3.5 cu.ft. of topsoil, 1 cu.ft. of manure, 2 cu-ft of mulch plus 3 or 4 of the fertilizer plugs sent with the shipment, for each tree. I will
try to post a follow up in a year with success rates. My plan is to order another 40-50 or so to replace an aging/thinning cedar hedge, one
segment at a time!

Positive         Jdennis1
Norwood, NC
(1 review)
March 12, 2017         If you are scared to order on-line, don't be; you'll be thrilled with what you get from Roy. Well-packaged BEAUTIFUL plants. I
bought 10 through the mail and was so impressed I made the trip and bought 10 more in person. Much cheaper in person. I bought the 3-4' Nelly
R. Stevens; all were at least 4' tall and all are thriving.

Positive         Maifa
Blacksburg, VA
(1 review)
March 12, 2017         We just ordered eleven 15 gallon green giants to screen out a fence our neighbor just built. Roy was very helpful and the
trees are great. We picked them up in a uhaul we drove from Va. They are just as he described them. He was easy to work with, the trees are
beautiful and we are thrilled.
Before ordering from him, I did quite a bit of research online and also checked several local nurseries. There truly was no comparison.

Positive         Raedwulf
Cameron, TX
(1 review)
October 27, 2016         Two years ago I ordered 75 Leyland Cypress and 75 Murray Cypress seedlings from another retailer online. I was happy
enough with the product, but had a mortality of around 30% over the next year despite regular watering. Some died when a grass fire came
through the area of the trees, so the mortality was exacerbated by that event. I replaced them with new seedlings from the same retailer and
sadly, most of them died slowly despite a regular watering program where they were never totally parched. Fast forward, this year I needed to
replace many of those trees again but the retailer was sold out. After a quick look online for alternatives I ordered from Thuja Gardens instead. I
ordered 10 quart sized Murray Cypress trees and 25 seedlings. The difference between the same products from two different retailers is
amazing. The trees came from Thuja Gardens in pristine condition, packed very carefully and robustly. What I noticed the most was the
significant rooting system on each of these new seedlings that were at least half as big again than the seedlings from the other retailer. As well as
that, the roots are at least twice as much as the previous trees. There was quite a gap time-wise between the ten quart plants arriving and the 25
seedlings. I let it ride for a while as North Carolina had a hurricane come ashore around that time, but eventually emailed, then called a few days
later, leaving a message. Despite emailing and calling, I heard nothing for some days until the FedEx van drove into my driveway with the second
package. I'm not sure that Roy is super good in the communication department, but I'm absolutely delighted with his product.

Positive         ToddOfAvon
Avon, OH
(1 review)
October 17, 2016         I purchased 15 - 1 gallon thuja green giants from Roy a year ago. While 14 of the 15 are doing great, One had trouble. I
emailed Roy some pictures and after a few back-and-forth emails he sent out a replacement. I will definitely be buying more from him in the future
and will recommend him to anybody looking for good quality trees.
Positive         ErinMHaney
North Ridgeville, OH
(1 review)
October 14, 2016         I order trees 2x from Thuja Gardens. The shipping was quick, trees did well and are growing so fast! I did have to reach
out for answers to some questions and the service was great, helpful and nice! Thank you!

Positive         valegaldefense
Broad Run, VA
(1 review)
October 6, 2016         It appears to me that Roy's Thuja Gardens is a one-man operation, or very close to it. The guy's into plants, not talk. He
does have trouble communicating with humans, but is apparently brilliant at communicating with plants. Everything I've gotten from him has been
excellent, and he's been willing to take care of problems caused through no fault of his own (e.g., deer, drought, fungus, caterpillars). I was
amazed at how well the stuff he sent me was packaged, and how promptly it was delivered. He clearly likes working with his plants, and does a
great job with it - he probably wishes he didn't have to sell them. Please be patient and persistent in calls and emails - he does respond, but he's
got a lot on his plate and dealing with humans is clearly not his highest priority. I'd much rather have a reliable source of high quality plant
material than warm-fuzzy-hand-holding, and I think that's what Roy's providing.

Dan Hawes - http://www.VirginiaLegalDefense.com

Positive         Happy105
New Hartford, NY
(1 review)
September 30, 2016         I purchased 44, 1 gallon thuja trees quickly and at a reasonable price. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the
plants as well as the careful and precise packaging. They even included the fertilizer tabs which was a huge plus in my book. No nickel and
diming. I did have a slight issue with some of the plants being under the advertised size but after contacting Roy he made everything right. He
truly is a stand up guy and I would certainly do business with them again. They are tricky to get ahold of but once you do it is worth it.

Positive         camnick
Pittsboro, IN
(1 review)
August 25, 2016         I love the 10 Thuja Green giants we purchased two years ago. They were the gallon size and they are already 5 feet tall. I
just purchased 4 more 3 gallon size.

Positive         katharineppp
Stoneham, MA
(1 review)
May 12, 2016         We purchased 25 Thujas which arrived this week and they are all extremely healthy. I corresponded with Roy via email,
phone, etc. and he was extremely helpful and responsive. Neighbors have been asking where we got the trees and commenting on how great
and healthy they look. Amazing how they shipped and stayed perfectly in tact! I'll be back for more and it looks like a few of my neighbors will be
as well. Thanks, Roy!!!! It's been a pleasure working with you.

Positive         rkoller
Lincoln, NE
(1 review)
April 27, 2016         I planted giant thujas in Spring 2015 and 23 died. I contacted Roy via e-mail Fall 2015 and he gave me a link for
replacements. I paid shipping costs April 2016 and within 10 days received healthy, vibrant thujas along with fertilizer tablets. Roy honored his
guarantee and I couldn't be happier with the plants he sent.

Positive         chancremechanic
Wartrace, TN (Zone 7a)
(13 reviews)
April 9, 2016         I ordered one pollinator for Nellie Stevens (the male equivalent of the Nellie R.Stevens) hollies and about 12 seedlings of Nellie
R, Stevens hollies. Instead of contacting me and advising me that they have a minimum order of seedlings, and giving me an option of adjusting
my order to include the minimum number of Nellie Stevens hollies, Thuja just sent the Male pollinator. One plant for huge box that could have
possibly held the female Nellie Steven seedlings. The owner and I got into a pissing match because of his blunt and unfriendly replay to phone
inquiry. I hung up on him, went home, checked my computer, called him back and straightened out the situation. The male pollinator was well
packaged and in excellent health. I believe with better communication skills and customer service training, this place could be the Nellie R.
Stevens of the mail order business. I admit, I was also at fault, but as the customer, I should have been handled a litter better in regards too
respect. I recommend ordering from these folks, BUT...BUT...make a phone order and ask about exactly what you will be getting.

Positive         JoanieO
Greeley, CO
(1 review)
April 7, 2016         I am very pleased with my 16 three gallon Thuja trees that arrived yesterday. They are beautiful and were extremely well
packaged, arriving in perfect condition exactly on the date according to the Fed Ex tracking number given me. My communications with Roy were
excellent. My emails were all answered within 24 hours. I would recommend Thuja Gardens highly with no reservations.

Positive         tntreeks
Moss, TN
(1 review)
April 7, 2016         I ordered 70 trees or saplings. The trees looked great and packaging was the best of any I have ordered from other places.
The price was good. Overall a good experience.

Positive         redfish44
Deland, FL
(1 review)
February 28, 2016         I needed a couple of Thuja Giants and I liked Roy's price. His video was very hokey but it sold me on the idea this guy
raises nice stock. I spoke to him on the phone about a couple of things and decided to order. He had indicated the plants would be on the way in
a couple of days. I had a question so I emailed him a few days after ordering. The next day I phoned and left a message. No responses so I
emailed a 2nd time and still got no response. About a week after ordering I was getting irritated and phoned again and Roy answered. He made
no mention of the previous attempts I had made but he assured me the plants were leaving soon and he reminded me to note how they were
packaged. The plants did ship at the 10-day mark and I got them after only 2 days via FedEx. The large box was unmarked and unbelievably
sturdy and his packaging was a work of art. Basically my two plants were tethered to each end of the heavyweight box facing each other so to
speak. The 4' high trees were probably the best-looking plants I have ever bought; simply gorgeous and robust. When I took them out of the pots
I noticed how healthy the room system was. I have every confidence these trees will thrive. I couldn't ask for nicer ones. Roy did notify me by
email of shipping and emailed me a 2nd time to say delivery was scheduled. He obviously was following FedEx tracking. This guy sells great
plants. His communications could be better but I give him a Positive rating when everything is considered.