U - Pick-Up At the Nursery & SAVE alot!
When fuel prices go up, FedEx shipping rates go up. When fuel prices come down,
FedEx shipping rates DO NOT!

At Thuja Gardens the number of people renting trucks and picking up their own trees is really rising.

We get so many calls asking about Pick-Up prices, so we have made a price list so customers can see
the difference in cost between FedEx Delivery and Customer Pick-Up prices.
1 gal. size trees
3 gal. size trees
5 gal. size trees
7 gal. size trees
15 gal. size trees
$9.00 ea. Upick-Up vs $15.00 ea. Shipped FedEx
$21.00 ea. Upick-Up vs $43.00 ea. Shipped FedEx
$32.00 ea. Upick-Up vs $74.00 ea. Shipped FedEx
$52.00 ea. Upick-Up vs $128.00 ea. Shipped FedEx
$96.00 ea.   Pick-Up at Nursery only.
Questions? Call Customer Service @ (828)273-5771
E-mail To : roy@thujagardens.com

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Thuja Gardens is located in Spartanburg County - Chesnee,SC 29323
$250.00 miniumn Pickup - By Appointment Only.
Appointments made over the PHONE, not Email, Call Roy @ 828-273-5771
If you show up without appointment, We may not be here and gate will be locked.
Rent the U-Hual trucks in 10 - 15 - 17 - 20 - and 25 Feet sizes.

Rentals run between $200.00 and $600.00 for a 3 day period, not bad
considering the savings over Fedex.
This 6 x 12 feet trailer rents for around $30.00 a day, BIG savings
with this choice. We offer side-board kits for this trailer for larger

This trailer can be pulled with most SUVs, even more savings!
This 6 x 12 foot U-Haul trailer
is super easy to pull.