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Fuji Apple Tree
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This ultra-crisp apple will appeal to teens, a
great way to encourage healthy snacking.
The Fuji Apple has
become one of the
favorite fresh eating
apples in America.
Fuji Apple Tree
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Fuji Apple Tree
Fuji is Crunchy and Super Sweet

Enjoy the full flavor of a Fuji! A crunchy, super-
sweet and flavor-forward apple, the Fuji can be
enjoyed as an everyday snack as well as in pies,
sauces, baking and more.

Uses: snacking, salads, baking, beverages, pies,
sauce, and freezing.

Fuji apples are medium to large. The thick skin of
the Fuji apple is light red with a yellow blush, and is
oftentimes lined with red vertical stripes. The Fuji’s
interior creamy white flesh is dense, juicy, and crisp.
Low in acid, the flavor is mild yet very sweet with
hints of both honey and citrus.
Apples bear best when there are two varieties nearby
to pollinate each other. In fact, some apples have to
be pollinated by another variety in order to bear fruit.

Not to worry, any combination of these six apples
will pollinate one another.This is one of the reasons
we choose to grow these six, the other reason is
their popularity.
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