Gala Apples - Zones 4 to 8

The Gala Apple is a crisp, sweet and juicy apple with excellent
flavor found in groceries across America.This apple trees fruit
medium sized with golden-yellow skin and a red-orange blush.
The Gala apples flesh is firm, sweet, crisp and juicy.

Gala apples ranked at number 2 in 2017 on the US Apple
Association's list of most popular apples. The US Apple
Association has projected that the Gala apple will become
America's favorite apple. The Granny Smith, Fuji, and
Honeycrisp apples are expected to rank third, fourth and fifth,

Gala's received the Award of Merit from the Royal
Horticultural Society. Heavy and regular cropper. If you like a
crisp juicy apple then this is the one. Picking time late
September and fruit stores until December.
Because of the broad appeal of
'Honeycrisp's' flavor and texture, it
ranks at the TOP of the list!
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Apple Tree - Gala
Granny Smith & Fuji are good pollinators for Gala
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