Granny Smith
Crunchy and Tart

Tempt your taste buds with tart Granny Smith apples! Known
for its delicious tart flavor and pleasing crunch, the Granny
Smith apple’s popularity comes as no surprise. What’s more, it’s
a go-to apple variety for snacking and is a favorite of pie
bakers. Granny Smiths are great in all kinds of recipes, such as
salads, sauces, baking, freezing, and more.

Uses: snacking, salads, baking, beverages, pies, sauce, freezing

History: Introduction to Market: 1868

Place of Origin: Australia

Parentage: Believed to be descended from French Crabapples
cultivated by Australian grandmother Maria Ann Smith
Simply irresistible! If you love a tart
apple, Granny Smith Apples are the
perfect apples for you.
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Apple Tree - Granny Smith
Fuji & Honey Crisp are good pollinator for Granny Smith
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