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This tree will grow in a wide range of climates from Wisconsin to
central Florida, and is hardy in USDA zones 3-8.
Autumn Blaze® is
one of the most popular hybrid maples in the US. Autumn
Blaze Maple is a gorgeous tree as it grows to become mature.

This tree is beautiful all year and looks fantastic in the spring and
summer as it is covered with beautiful green leaves. During the fall
months, the leaves change to red, yellow and orange and supply lots
of beautiful colors as other plants.

The Autumn Blaze maple tree is a hybrid species comprised of half
red maple and half silver maple. The combination has been popular
for 20 years in commercial and residential plantings thanks to the
combination of gorgeous fall color and rapid growth - exactly what
homeowners are seeking.  In addition, the Autumn Blaze is very hardy
and can withstand a wide range of climatic conditions.

The  Autumn Blaze maple grows up to 4 feet yearly.This is
definitely an impressive tree characteristic worth mentioning,
considering the fact that other maple tree varieties grow slowly, or at
a moderate rate. In other words, the growth rate of Autumn Blaze
maple is four times more than that of red maple tree.

If you think fast-growing trees are bad bets in the backyard,
Autumn Blaze maple trees will make you think again.
hybrids shoot up to 50 feet (15 m.) tall and 40 feet (12 m.) wide
without succumbing to insect pests or diseases. Anyone growing
Autumn Blaze maples will find that the trees combine the finest traits
of both parents. That’s one reason for the cultivar’s popularity. Like
the red maple, Autumn Blaze has a nicely balanced branching habit
and explodes with red/orange color in the autumn. It also shares
silver maple’s drought tolerance, lacy leaves and characteristic bark,
smooth while the tree is young, but developing ridges as it matures.
If you want a large, fast-growing shade
tree with spectacular fall color. Autumn
Blaze® maple is an excellent choice.
Thuja Gardens
Autumn Blaze® Maple
America's' choice shade tree!
Autumn Blaze is the fastest growing of all Red maples.
Up to 4 feet per Year. Autumn Blaze® is one of the
most popular hybrid maples in the US.
Autumn Blaze Maple
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Autumn Blaze® Maple is hardy in zones 3 to 8
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Fast Growing - 3 to 5 feet per year under
ideal conditions.

Reaches heights of 40-50 feet.

Great tree for adding shade and color to
your yard.

Orange to crimson red fall color.