1. Soak the roots in water while you are preparing your holes.

2. Dig a shallow, wide planting hole. The hole should be almost twice as wide as the root system and
about as deep as the roots are long. Planting to deep is a major cause of plant death.

3. Mound soil in the bottom of the hole so that the peak
reaches just about ground level:   
 Look at Pic >>>>>>

4. Set the plant so the crown (the part between roots and
where stems will emerge) sits at or just below the soil
line. Spread the roots so they cascade over the mound.
Backfill with soil mix; by hand, pack down the soil.
 Look at Pic >>>>>>

5. Make sure the plant is standing straight and the crown is just below ground level.

6. Mulch around the base of the plant. The mulch should be 2 to 3 inches deep. Be sure to pull the
mulch away from the plant to prevent disease and insect damage, especially in the South.

7. Water slowly and thoroughly.

8. Keep plants watered during their first season, even drought tolerant plants. Twice weekly deep soaking will
encourage the root system. It is best to water early in the day, giving foliage a chance to dry out before evening hours -
to reduce disease possibilities and crown rot. Apply a layer of compost each spring to provide nutrients and maintain
soil health.
Bare-Root Planting Tips
When your plant arrives, open the box immediately and add water to the roots unless you
are going to plant right away. Keep in a cool place and plant within 3 to 4 days.
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