The "Bloodgood" Japanese maple is one of the most popular Japanese
maple tree cultivars. This fall foliage standout can be grown in zones 5-8 and
attains a maximum size of about 20' x 20' but can be kept much smaller.
It likes sun but can profit from a bit of light shade. Its leaves in summer are a
reddish-purple. At fall foliage time those leaves become a striking crimson.

Bloodgoods  holds their red-purple leaf color during the summer when other
varieties turn green.
"Bloodgood" Japanese Maple Trees
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The 'Bloodgood' Maple is the most popular cultivar of the Japanese maple.
'Bloodgood' maple is a wonderful addition when considering landscaping.
the growing season, which makes it the perfect tree year round. The reddish
purple foliage often hides the clusters of red to purplish inflorescences that
bloom in late May or early June.
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The 'Bloodgood' Maple is the most popular cultivar of the Japanese
maple. 'Bloodgood' maple is a wonderful addition to any landscape.
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