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This autumn beauty is a brilliant medium-sized maple tree
that is guaranteed to brighten up any landscape with its
lush, red-purple foliage!

The Brandywine maple tree
is a very attractive maple that has a
neat appearance and is an effective choice for a lawn specimen, patio
or shade tree.

The Brandywine is a male selection so it can be planted without fear
of numerous weedy seedling germinating after it’s flower.  The tree
also exhibits significant tolerance to leafhopper, a potential pest of
landscape red maples.

The Brandywine Maple Tree tolerates most soils, with light to
moderate moisture, and is quite dependable once established.  The
maple tree’s brilliant fall color is more intense and consistent from
year to year than other species.

This tree holds onto its leaves longer than most before they eventually
become a purplish red and fall off. This tree grows to be about 25 feet
tall with a full 12-foot crown. It prefers slightly acidic soil, but it is
very adaptable. Likewise, it prefers to be planted in moist soil, but it
will tolerate dry periods once established. This tree loves the sun, but
it will do well in partial shade.
Brandywine Maple is a smaller variety of red
maple which reaches only 25 to 30 feet which
makes it perfect for smaller yards. It
produces only male flowers which means no
fruit or nuisance seedlings.
Thuja Gardens
Brandywine Maple
This is a beautiful way to bring life and vibrancy to all
locations where they are planted.  It is an excellent choice for
homeowners as these trees do not take a lot of care or
maintenance as they grow to become spectacular on a lawn.
Brandywine Maple
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5 to 6 Ft.
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