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Beni Fuji
Blooms last for about 6 weeks, making for a very long effective bloom time
Cornus kou. ‘Beni Fuji’ – (Dwarf Chinese Dogwood)  Suitable for growing in a large container
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Beni Fuji Dogwood is reported as the darkest red of all Cornus kousa cultivars. Smaller
flower bracts than most other. C. kousa. Profuse flowering through June-July in PNW. Shiny
green leaf with maroon veins. Small tree, perhaps growing to 10-12' in 15 years. Ideal for
patio plantings or small landscapes.
Beni Fuji
3 to 4 feet 1 tree @ $83.95
2 or more @ $71.50 ea.
Placed as the solitary tree of a small courtyard, the Beni fuji dogwood, or Cornus kousa ‘Beni
fuji’, would be the indisputable centerpiece, or seen through a garden gate it would be a
perfect focal-point. This small cultivar of Chinese dogwood is slower growing than the
species and only reaches 6 feet tall after 10 years making it adaptable to most any garden
though, ultimately, it may reach 15 feet. In youth it is elegantly vase-shaped becoming more
rounded with maturity. It has glossy-green leaves strikingly accented by red veins and
petioles. In autumn these leaves color a magnificent purple and red. But even more beautiful
are the numerous, small, deep red flowers that have been likened to a swarm of butterflies,
and this floral extravagance lasts for weeks in early summer.
The Beni fuji dogwood is a polished, small tree that prefers sun/partial shade in well-drained,
slightly acidic soil, and is hardy to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.
Beni Fuji
2 to 3 feet 1 tree @ $43.95
2 or more @ $37.50 ea.
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Small shrubby grower with the deepest red flowers bracts of any form on the
market today. Masses of flat four petalled pointy star like flowers in early
summer. Glossy dark green leaves through the season. Ideal for the smaller

A medium sized to large shrub, Cornus kousa 'Beni-fuji' has masses of
narrow, pointed pink flower bracts in early to mid summer. The leaves are
dark green with handsome orange and red autumn tints before they fall in

Cornus kousa 'Beni-fuji' will have the best display of bracts in a position with
full sun. Smaller and more shrubby in habit than some of the other flowering
dogwoods we grow and suitable for growing in a large container.