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Cherokee Brave
Reddish pink to burgundy blooms have white centers,
Vigorous grower, good mildew resistance.
Cherokee Brave's new spring foliage is burgundy, turning green for summer and bright maroon for fall!
Giant deep red blooms are eye-catching from far away!
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Cherokee Brave™ has the deepest - darkest red blooms of all Dogwoods
It is by far our
Cherokee Brave™
3 to 4 feet 1 tree @ $83.95
2 or more @ $71.50 ea.
Deservedly one of the most popular American Dogwoods, Cherokee Brave™ offers
a bit of extra beauty for every season. Large red blooms, spring and fall foliage changes, and
ornamental berries all contribute to its popularity as an understory or specimen tree in the
landscape.The foliage opens with burgundy and maroon tones overlaying the green. By
summer it is entirely green and very dense, but it turns brilliant maroon again in autumn,
remaining for weeks before dropping for winter. Very showy!

Fall color of the Cherokee Brave Dogwood is a consistent red to reddish purple. It is a small
low-branched tree with horizontally fairly easy to grow and adapts well to most conditions.
Plant in a location with some afternoon shade in the southern states. Feed once a year with a
slow release fertilizer.
Cherokee Brave™
2 to 3 feet 1 tree @ $43.95
2 or more @ $37.50 ea.
Customers from these states
add $12.00 extra per tree:
AZ - CA - CO - ID - MT - NM  
WA - OR - NV - WY - UT
Cherokee Brave’ produces dark pink bracts. Many texts describe the
flowers as “dark red”. Pink color tones may not be as vivid if the spring
weather is unseasonably hot or the tree is growing in warm southern climes.
Cherokee Brave is a vigorous grower and bears flowers at an early age. The
oval shaped leaves, 3-6 inch long, emerge with a slight reddish tint, and
mature dark green by late spring. Foliage takes on intense shades of red,
burgundy and purple in autumn before abscising.

Cherokee Brave flowering dogwood is a true harbinger of spring. This
vigorous medium-sized tree has an elegant canopy with spreading, horizontal
branches. In mid-spring it presents small clusters of green flowers
surrounded by four large rosy pink bracts dipped in white. These are
followed by clusters of bright red berry-like fruits, which are eaten by birds.
The leaves of 'Cherokee Brave' are burgundy tinted when they emerge in
spring, fade to medium green and turn purple-red in fall.

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