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Cherokee Princess
This deciduous flowering dogwood tree is an excellent
ornamental tree. It is the fastest growing dogwood tree!
A native to North Carolina, the Cherokee Princess is a beautiful upright dogwood. Cherokee princess
is known for its consistency. It regularly produces abundant flowers early in the season.
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Our Cherokee Princess is a TRUE graft, it is grafted on Kousa
rootstock. Less chance of Anthracnose, makes a very hardy dogwood.
Cherokee Princess™
3 to 4 feet 1 tree @ $83.95
2 or more @ $71.50 ea.
Cherokee Princess™
2 to 3 feet 1 tree @ $43.95
2 or more @ $37.50 ea.
Customers from these states
add $12.00 extra per tree:
AZ - CA - CO - ID - MT - NM  
WA - OR - NV - WY - UT
This form blooms at an early age, with very large white flowers -- up to 5"
across. It blooms heavily and reliably every year. It's always ranked near the
top of dogwood evaluations.

Considered the best and most attractive native flowering tree, the Cherokee
Princess Flowering Dogwood is the top choice. At an early age it is covered
with large, pure white blooms that are long lasting. During fall, the foliage
turns fiery shades of red and crimson.

Cherokee Princess Dogwood. Description: Makes a great accent,
specimen or patio tree. Vigorous white flowering dogwood. Large, glossy
green foliage turning reddish-purple in fall. Pruning: Prune in spring after the
tree has flowered if needed. Fertilizing: Apply 10-10-10 fertilizer in
March/April and in
"Many gardeners consider this species the aristocrat of small flowering trees, and this claim is
not unjustified...The handsome 3-to 4-in.-diameter, white flowers open in April and May,
usually before the leaves, and are the envy of every landscape plant.

The Snow White Flowering Dogwood tree, Cornus florida, 'Cherokee Princess', exhibits a
early and heavy white flowering habit. It is an erect growing white flowering dogwood with a
straight central leader that displays four inch flowers.The fall color of the upper leaf surface
of the Cherokee Princess Flowering Dogwood is dependably red or red-purple, but the
lower leaf surface still retains a silvery hue for a bicolor effect. This deciduous flowering
dogwood tree is an excellent ornamental tree.