When Cloud Nine Flowering Dogwood opens its profusion of cumulus-
cloud-white blossoms each year, it will be the most sensational
spring event in your landscape—and probably in your whole

The Cloud 9 Dogwood’s flowers bloom in abundance,
decorating the tree as if in a cloud of glorious white petals.

‘Cloud Nine’ is an excellent flowerer when young that has
overlapping, white bracts and a broad, spreading form.

Flower buds are exceptionally hardy. Dogwoods in general are an
understory, deciduous tree, with horizontal to upright branching form is
often overplanted,but always loved. With year round interest, it offers
white to pink spring flowers, distinctive,oval, vertically curved leaves,
red to purple fall color and red winter berries.

Perfect along the woods edge, in combination with azaleas
and rhododendons or as a small, specimen lawn tree.

Cloud Nine Flowering Dogwood features showy clusters of white
flowers with white bracts held atop the branches in mid spring. It has
forest green foliage which emerges burgundy inspring. The pointy
leaves turn an outstanding brick red in the fall. It produces red berries
from early to late fall. The warty gray bark adds an interesting
dimension to the landscape.
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Cloud Nine
The Cloud Nine dogwood tree arguably
may be the most beautiful of the native
American flowering trees.
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Our Cloud  dogwood is a TRUE graft, it
is grafted on Kousa rootstock.
Less chance of Anthracnose, makes a
very hardy dogwood.
Cloud Nine
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