Outstanding Features:

It is hard to pick just one. What you judge to be the outstanding feature
of this plant may well depend on the season in which you are asked the
question. All of the following attributes have their day:

•Colorful blossoms
•Bright red berries that wild birds will eat
•Nice fall color
•Interesting branching pattern

If I had to choose just one, it would have to be the flowers, simply
because pink dogwood trees are most associated with spring -- when the
blooms are the most prominent plant part.

This charming compact tree grows 20-30' tall. The Elegant Pink
Dogwood has slender arching branches with dark checkerboard bark. It is
easy to grow and will thrive in almost any soil. Grows well even in the
shade of larger trees.
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Pink 'Rubra'
This Elegant pink dogwood starts
blooming when only 4-6' tall.
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Pink 'Rubra' holds blooms for
3 or 4 weeks. It starts
blooming in late April.

The pink dogwood with its soft
color stands out in the
landscape and is always a
favorite choice.
Pink Rubra




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