Thuja Gardens
Dogwood Tree Varieties

West Coast Prices
Dogwood trees are noted for their prolific
spring flower displays and ornamental form,
making them ideal candidates to use as a
focal point in the landscape.
Shipping Included
As the weather starts heating up, these
Dogwoods need to be in the ground by
mid-April. Get your order in early, we
started taking orders for these last week.
We are usually sold out of these by the
end of April.
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3 to 4 Feet Trees
2 or more @ $41.95 ea.
Minimum Of Two
Shipping Included

Beni Fuji

Cherokee Brave

Cherokee Chief

Cherokee Princess

Cloud Nine

Miss Satomi

1 tree @ $58.95
One Tree
Shipping Included
- Cherokee Brave
- Cherokee Chief
- Cherokee Princess
- Miss Satomi
- Rosy Teacups
- Pink Rubra
- Cloud Nine