Nellie R. Stevens will set fruit when planted alone. However,
with male pollination Nellies produce lots more red berries.
If there is a
Edward J. Stevens in the vicinity, it will do the job
because it blooms at the same time.

Make your  Nellies happy ,
include Edward J. Stevens in your assembly.

‘Edward J. Stevens’ reportedly  serves as good
pollinator for Nellie R. Stevens.
A Christmas Holly, Nellie R. Stevens:

Ilex x ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ is probably the number one landscape holly used in the Southeast. It has recently
found a new use as a lustrous green, beautiful Christmas tree. We are lucky to have this beautiful holly
for our use in the garden. The holly was named after Nellie Robinson Stevens affectionately called “Miss
Nellie”. Miss Nellie was a teacher and an avid gardener on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and lived in her
home called Maplehurst. She gathered holly seed from one of her trips to the National Arboretum in
1900. It was later determined that the three seedlings that germinated were a result of a natural cross
between Ilex cornuta and Ilex aquifolium. The holly inherited the best traits of both parents. The two
other seedlings were named from the seedlings she grew in her garden, both male hollies - Maplehurst
and Edward J. Stevens, named after their home and Miss Nellie’s father. Edward J. is a good pollinator for
Nellie R. Edward J’s are hard to find in the trade but they match well with Nellie R. and fruit set is assured.
Nellie Stevens will berry more heavy
when she has an Edward near by !
Thuja Gardens
Edward J. Stevens
Want more berries from your Nellies, put a
Edward near by!
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