There's no more spectacular harbinger of spring than an ornamental cherry tree bursting into bloom. After a winter of
bare branches come clouds of fluffy, pastel blossoms. Some types produce fruits that attract birds to the garden, and
many also have good fall color to end the year with a bang
The flowering cherries offer perhaps the most beautiful and attractive
blossom of all tree species. They originate from mountainous areas of China
and Japan, but are easy to grow in the UK. They are usually cold-hardy and
disease-resistant, and have some tolerance of poor soils including clay or
chalk soils.

Whilst the spring blossom is the main attraction, many flowering cherries
have autumn interest as well, when the leaves often take on yellow, red, and
golden tints before leaf fall.
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Flowering Cherries
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Flowering Cherry Trees
There's nothing more spectacular than an ornamental cherry
tree bursting into bloom.