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Add color and interest to your landscape with flowering trees. While their blossoms, whether
coming in spring or summer are a focal point. Flowering trees can also offer colorful and
interestingly-shaped foliage. Choose from small, shrub-like trees to larger trees for your

Flowering trees add beauty and seasonal interest to any landscape. Many have colorful or
interesting fruits that may be edible or attractive to birds. In the landscape, flowering trees are
secondary in importance to shade trees that provide framing, shade and background.
Nevertheless, flowering trees provide interest that few shade trees can match. Flowering
trees just might be the best of both worlds.You get the height and size of a tree, plus the
beauty of blooms and sometimes even sweet aromas! Check out our twelve favorites and get
tree growing tips for your yard.
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Flowering Trees
Flowering trees help to make Spring the best
time of  the year! Everthing has a new begining.
Flowering Trees   
Flowering Trees