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At Thuja Gardens we do
not grow all the many
varieties of Japanese
Maples you will find at
some of the other

We grow the most
popular of the red leaf
Japanese Maples.  
These are the trees most
people think of when they
think Japanese Maple.

These varieties holds
their red-purple leaf color
during the summer better
than other varieties.
Thuja Gardens
Red Japanese Maples
Make your landscape complete,add a Red Japanese Maple tree!
No landscape is truly complete without the addition of a beautiful Japanese Maple tree
The Japanese maple is a wonderful breed of tree that has a broad spectrum of varieties. Amongst the many different kinds of trees that are
classified under the umbrella of Japanese maples is the Bloodgood Japanese maple.

This particular Japanese maple tree has a round shape. The size of the tree makes it ideal for use in residential landscapes as it can expand over a
height and spread out over twenty feet. The unique thing about Japanese maples is that they are a popular choice with its red leaves that retain
their colour for most of the summer season.

The otherwise red leaves start to turn greenish red when temperatures begins to soar. The trees stand upon multiple trunks that have quite a
muscular chiselled look. The Japanese maple is a picturesque tree and gives off a grey tint. The trees can work wonders when nicely lit up after

The red colour of the leaves in the winter season is less striking than the colours of summer. Nonetheless the bloodgood Japanese maple retains
its beauty throughout the year. The shape of the bloodgood tree is like a globe and it looks its best when its branches extend all the way to
ground. To add to the aesthetics you may prune the foliage on the lower end of the branches as this would expose the artistic trunk structure.
No landscape is truly complete without the addition of a beautiful Japanese Maple tree!
If you have been putting off buying one because of the cost; at these prices there will be no better time!
Welcome to Thuja Gardens. We started
grafting and growing Japanese Maples 10
years ago. We are located in Chesnee,South
Carolina.  We have had excellent sucess
grafting and growing these small maples, and
getting them ready for your landscape.

We stand behind our maples with a
BEST in the Business
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An outstanding, fast-growing upright Japanese
maple. Excellent deep red foliage holds even better
than Acer Bloodgood!. Strong, hardy  
The "Bloodgood" Japanese maple is one of the most
popular Japanese maple tree cultivars. This fall
foliage standout can be grown
'Fireglow' is similar to 'Bloodgood' but the leaves
are not as deeply divided and has a deeper more
intense red color which stays  
'Twombly's Red Sentinel' quickly develops the
upright columnar habit for which it has become
famous but will widen some
Trompenburg' is a small upright tree that typically
rises to 15-18' tall over the first 10 years, eventually
maturing to as much as 25' tall.  
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Any realtor will tell you a nice shaped Red
Japanese maple placed in that right spot
adds value to your property.
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