The Kwanzan cherry tree is one of the showiest of all Japanese trees. The blooms of Kwanzan cherry trees are large pink
doubles. The blooming period of this wonderful tree is longer than that of most other flowering cherry trees. This tree has
unusual flowers due to their large size in comparison to other flowering cherry trees.

Kwanzan cherry trees will begin to grow leaves while the flowers are still in bloom, which is unlike all other flowering cherry
trees. The blooms of the Kwanzan cherry tree will begin to fade and close up, leaving the green foliage and glossy bark.
Primarily found in Japan, the Kwanzan cherry tree will also grow in the United States and is hardy to zones 5 through 8.

Like all other flowering cherry trees, the Kwanzan cherry tree prefers soil that is well-drained and full sun exposure in order to
flower best. This deciduous tree will grow to a height of 30 to 50 feet, with a mature spread of fifteen to twenty feet. The
Kwanzan cherry tree is a fast growing variety.

The Kwanzan cherry tree is also known as the Japanese flowering cherry tree. The leaves are green with a hint of red. In
the autumn, the leaves of Kwanzan cherry trees will turn a reddish copper color. The beautiful ornamental tree will give years
of beautiful blooms and fragrances.

30 to 50 feet
Hardness Zones 5 to 8

The Kwanzan Cherry can be prumed to fit  small places like small yards, parking lots, linning drive ways, and much more.
The Kwanzan cherry tree is one of the showiest of all flowering cherry trees!
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Kwanzan Cherry
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