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Nellies really stand out in the landscape, especially in the winter when other trees have lost their leaves. Nellie R. Stevens holly
makes a beautiful privacy screen or hedge !  
Nellies can handle more shade than most other trees.
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Nellie R. Stevens
Enjoy Nellie R. Stevens with its evergreen leaves
and red berries in the winter landscape.
Nellie R. Stevens holly makes a beautiful privacy screen or hedge !
The Nellie Stevens Holly is widely used as a fast growing formal hedge. Plant 4 to 8 Ft. apart, depending upon your desired results. Trim when
needed but we suggest waiting until after the initial flush of soft spring growth, However it can be pruned in late winter before the onset of new
growth. Nellie Stevens Holly will create a formal dark-green evergreen screen or box-shaped hedge, similar to a Yew hedge. Nellie Stevens Holly
can be kept to any height as long as you trim it ever one or two years.
The Nellie R. Stevens Holly is a cross between the English Holly and Chinese Holly. The Nellie R. Stevens Holly has a naturally dense broad
pyramidal shape. The leaves on Nellies are glossy with dark green color and are among the darkest of any plant.  Nellies produces
inconspicuous white flowers in the spring.  Unlike most holly varieties, Nellies grow tall and stay deep green throughout all seasons.In the
winter it is loaded with berries, in the summer the foliage remains a dark green. This fast growing, evergreen privacy and screen tree is perfect
as a buffer hedge or a stand alone beauty.

You’ll appreciate how these holly trees stay deep green all year, unlike other hedge trees that can brown out during either the summer heat
or mild droughts. Landscapers have fueled a great demand for the Nellie Stevens. In addition to being attractive, these trees can be planted
and forgotten. They withstand poor soil, drought and even neglect.
Nellie R. Stevens
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