The magnificent Okame cherry is the first to bloom.
The magnificent Okame cherry breaks the dreary grip of late
winter with an outstanding two- to three-week display of rosy pink
blossoms. When young, the Okame cherry has an upright, vase-like
shape. As the tree matures, the overall form of the small tree
becomes more rounded.

This cherry will grow to a maximum height of 20 to 30 feet, with a
canopy spread of 12 to 20 feet.

The Okame cherry is a man-developed hybrid plant. In early 20th
century England, noted cherry tree enthusiast Captain Collingwood
Ingram experimented with creating a cherry with excellent tolerance
of winter cold and tremendous flowering.
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Okame flowering cherry trees put on quite a show when planted in rolls between 8 and 10 feet apart.

Okame is more than just a pretty pink party dress, though. It also has great stems. The entire tree, in fact, is covered in polished
reddish-brown bark, a welcome guest in the winter landscape, especially because it is hardier than many other cherries. In fall,
it's arrayed in bronzy-red to bright orange foliage.
Okame Cherry
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Okame Cherry
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There are several good reasons to grow an Okame flowering cherry tree. The first, and perhaps most compelling one, is bloom time.
Okame sails into the spring gala early wearing a pink party dress. After the gray-brown winter, we're ready for some colorful
garden guests, and we're a little wowed by our striking girl with rosy-pink, bell-like flowers, each highlighted with red calyces and
reddish stems. Okame is sporting some shiny bling, too, in the form of the Gold Medal Award from the Pennsylvania Horticultural
Society for outstanding garden performance.