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Pin Oak
. A popular, graceful lawn tree with regular compact form and
fine-textured foliage, Pin Oak is hardy and easily transplanted
because the shallow fibrous root system lacks tap roots.
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Straight-trunked tree with spreading to horizontal branches, very slender pinlike twigs, and
a broadly conical crown. Pin oak is a stongly pyramidal tree with a distinct central leader,
growing 60-70 ft. or taller. Instead of the gnarled, massive qualities of most oaks, pin oak
has a more graceful, slender appearance.

Pin oak is probably used more than any other native oak in the landscape. It has an
interesting growth habit, with pendulous lower branches, horizontal middle branches, and
upright upper branches. Its glossy green summer foliage changes to russet, red or bronze
in fall.

Pin oak has been widely used in parks, golf courses, lawns and as a street tree.

It is among the faster-growing oaks, averaging 12 to 15 feet over a 5- to 7-year
period. Pin oak can grow to be one of the largest oak trees. It makes an
impressive street tree.
Pin Oak
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Pin Oak
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ability to provide dense shade, and its shallow fibrous roots make planting a pin oak tree easy. On young trees, the bark is smooth,
with a red-gray color. As the tree ages, the bark becomes darker gray and deeply fissured.

Pin oak is one of America's most frequently planted trees and was polled the "most popular" shade tree by American
Nurseryman Magazine.

Pin oaks are straight, slender and graceful, with a strong central leader and very slender, pinlike twigs. The uniquely
shaped leaves are a beautiful dark green in summer turning to dull scarlet in the autumn.