Leyland Cypress
Cryptomeria Radicans
Screens and hedges are a popular way to create privacy or hide an undesirable view. Plantings are usually a less expensive
way to create privacy than a fence or wall. Screens or hedges also offer additional advantages to many landscapes other than
privacy. For example, they can frame a terrace or provide a backdrop to a herbaceous or other garden features.
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Privacy Trees
Seeing too much of your neighbors? Block out those unsightly
eyesores, the neighbors,  and the noise with living privacy!
Fast Growing Evergreen Privacy Trees
Block unsightly views, noisy neighbors, or strong winds with fast growing Privacy trees.
If you want block an unsightly view or add privacy screen with trees. Trees add value to your property and create a soft,
natural feel in your yard. You can also use trees to screen tall areas that a traditional fence can't cover, such as the view from
your neighbor's window looking down onto your patio. Making an outdoor privacy screen with trees will provide you both
beauty and privacy at the same time.