Thuja Gardens
Red Althea
Among the showiest flowering plants in the western garden,Very showy
medium double dark red flowers bloom from late spring to fall!
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The Red Althea Hibiscus is easy to grow just like tradition althea plants. They tend to be pest and disease resistant so you
won't need to spray any harmful chemicals. They are drought tolerant once established so if you forget about your pretty tree
on occasion it will be just fine. You will want to water when the ground is dry in the growing season for brighter blooms. This
Red hibiscus tree is even tolerant of pollution, poor soil, and heat!

Enjoy tons of deep wine red double blooms from l
ate spring to fall.
Double Red Althea
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Add some pizazz to your yard with the Red Althea
Hibiscus tree! Order yours today before they're gone!
Butterflies and hummingbirds flock to the Red Althea Hibiscus tree. Sit back and
enjoy the show. You will want to be close by to admire this horticultural masterpiece!