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Red Maple: A Beautiful & Intelligent Tree and One of the
Most Popular Tree Memorials!

Red maples are fast-growing and can reach 50 feet and live
up to 150 years of age.

The Red Maple is a true beauty and a great addition to any
landscape. It shows its bright red flowers in Spring and, then follows
with its beautiful green Summer leaves, then red fruit and brilliant
red, yellow, and orange leaves show in the Fall.

In addition to its beauty, the red maple is a highly adaptive tree and
can grow in a variety of climates. It is a drought tolerant tree and can
handle hot, dry climates, yet can also grow and thrive in wet soggy

In addition, the red maple makes for an excellent shade tree.
Depending on the environment where it’s planted, it can grow quickly
and up to 3 feet of height per year. With its fast growth and dense
foliage, it is a favorite of people looking to shade from the hot
summer sun. Then, prior to Winter, the intelligent red maple will drop
its leaves to let the sun come through to help warm things up!

This special tree is native to the Eastern U.S. and is
something that many people can remember having in their
yard or at a nearby park growing up. The red maple has a
special effect on people and creates a beautiful shade tree.
This tree is beautiful all year and looks
fantastic in the spring and summer as it is
covered with beautiful green leaves. During
the fall months, the leaves change to red,
yellow and orange, lots of beautiful colors.
Thuja Gardens
Red Maple
America's' choice shade tree!
If you think fast-growing trees are
bad bets in the backyard, Red maple
trees will make you think again.
Red Maple Tree
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6 to 7 Ft.
2 or more
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4 to 5 Ft.
2 or more
$40.95 ea.
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