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Ours are grown in containers. When
bareroot trees are dug up, most of the roots
are left in the ground. Make your efort pay
off, you will have better luck with container
grown trees.

At Thuja Gardens you get 3 trees in each
container for the price of one.  Our Birch
ships in containers with clumps of 3 trees in
each container! Keep this in mind when
compairing prices!
Thuja Gardens
Heritage River Birch
Heritage, my favorite, is vastly superior to many because it is very
resistant to the birch borer, less prone to leaf spots and the bark
exfoliates at a younger age.
Our River Birch ship 2 per box to help keep prices down.
When adding Quanitity 1 = 2 trees  2 = 4 trees - 3 = 6 trees - 4 = 8 trees and so on
4 to 5 Ft.
$54.95 ea.
2 Trees
6 to 7 Ft.
$68.95 ea.
2 Trees
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FREE Fertilizer Tablets
ship with your river birch.
We ship 3 trees per clump, just
like in the pictures above!
Planting Instructions
Birch trees are renowned for their beautiful bark, and Heritage® River Birch is no exception.  All year long, its shaggy,
peaches-and-cream-colored bark will be a standout in your landscape. The graceful elegance of the birch allows it to be used as a
specimen or for naturalizing, and is best used in large areas. It transplants easily and is most effective when planted in groupings. A
multi-trunk specimen is more handsome than single-trunk trees.

Outanding Qualities
HERITAGE river birch was selected for its incredible peeling bark. The bark has more white, cream and pale salmon tones that the
typical river birch and is a beautiful substitute for the more insect and disease prone European white birch. It is a fast grower with a
large, pyramidal, upright habit and looks great when grown in groups.

The Heritage River Birch is a fast growing deciduous tree which can withstand temperatures above -15 degrees. It possesses attractive,
cinnamon-colored peeling bark and a nice tree structure which can be fully appreciated in the winter when the tree loses its leaves. It
is a medium sized tree and can reach a mature height of 40-50 ft and a spread of 25-35 ft. With proper care, it can grow 30 inches or
more in a year. The Heritage prefers full sun to partial shade and likes moist soil.
Hardness Zones - 5 to 8