Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry’s gracefully weeping branches look
truly stunning when covered in white flowers in the spring. This
compact,beautifully cascading tree is easily pruned to change its
This is truly a unique accent tree!

Snow Fountains Weeping Cherry is an extremely tolerant tree
which can grow in almost any conditions.

The cascading white spring blossoms of the Snow Fountain
Weeping Cherry are a site to behold.

Weeping cherry trees are ornamental trees prized for their beauty and
relative ease of care. Weeping snow fountain cherry trees are one of
several types of cherry trees grown frequently. Their ability to grow in
most climates makes them a good tree for beginning gardeners who
want to include a statement piece in their landscape or lawn. Cherry
trees require only a little more care than most other types of specialty
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Snow Fountains Weeping Cherry
Why take a chance with bare-root trees?
Ours ship in the containers,not bareroot.
When they arive, just take them out of the box
and keep them watered until ready to plant
Snow Fountains
Weeping Cherry
3 to 4 feet trees @ $76.95 ea.
A snow fountain weeping cherry tree is a
deciduous tree that prefers USDA hardiness zones
5 through 8 and full sun. According to
Washington State University, this weeping cherry
tree grows to a height of 12 feet with an 8-foot
spread, and produces showy, white flowers that
bloom from April through May. The snow
fountain, because of its size, is suitable for
planting in small yards and under power lines. It
is known as the smaller version of the weeping
higan cherry, and has the same care requirements
Thuja Gardens
Weeping Cherry
'Snow Fountains'
This is truly a unique accent tree!
Magnificent specimen tree will make your neighbors green with envy.
Each spring you will be amazed at the beauty of its cascading white blooms.
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Snow Fountain cherries are
stunning in the spring,
covered with their showy,
brilliantly white booms.