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Sugar Maple
These trees are spectacular as they grow to become
very large and stately looking.
The sugar maple is one of America’s best-loved trees. In fact, more states have claimed it
as their state tree than any other single species
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Sugar Maple Tree is a fast growing vibrant fall foliage tree. Its origin lies in the forests of North America. This species of Maple will not only
provide shade to your garden, but because of its high tolerance for shade, it is also very well suited for gardens in less sunny areas. Though deep
green in summer, its known for the bright mixture of autumn colors during fall. As its name may suggest, it is the primary source for producing
maple syrup.

The Sugar Maple can become quite tall, reaching heights up to 115 feet tall. The also has a slightly higher growth rate compared to the
standard Sugar Maple and is known to be more robust as well, dealing more efficiently with different soils and weather patterns. These trees
are spectacular as they grow to become very large and stately looking. They are amazing to supply beautiful colors all year round and is very
adaptable to a variety of soils. They are extremely easy to grow almost anywhere they are planted. They do fantastic when planted in climate
zones four through nine and area also called Acer Saccharum for the botanical name. They also bring a variety of birds and small wildlife such as
squirrels to areas also as they grow and mature. This tree is lovely to bring beautiful curb appeal to a lovely lawn or other landscape. They are
shipped in the bare root form and are extremely easy to plant.
This tree is trendy among gardeners and landscapers.
Sugar Maple
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 Its vibrant seasonal colors and the full range of soil types make
it an excellent choice as shade trees along streets and yards.