"Trompenburg" Japanese Maple Trees
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Trompenburg' is a small upright tree that typically rises to 15-18' tall over the first 10 years, eventually maturing to as
much as 25' tall. Foliage emerges dark reddish purple in spring with good color retention until late summer when it fades
to reddish-green and bronze before turning showy crimson red in fall. Each palmate leaf has 7-9 long, narrow-ovate,
deeply cut, sharply-serrated lobes (divided close to the leaf base) with rolled edges (convex). Red leaf stalks. This
cultivar was discovered as a seedling at the Trompenburg Arboretum in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Easily grown in moist, organically rich, slightly acidic, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade.Grows well in sandy loams. May be
grown in full sun in the northern parts of its growing range, but prefers some part afternoon shade in the southern parts (including St.
Louis) of its growing range. New foliage may scorch in full sun locations in hot summers areas, particularly if soils are not kept
consistently moist.
'Trompenburg' tolerates sunny conditions better than many of the Japanese maples. Mulch helps retain soil
moisture and keep roots cool. Site in locations protected from strong winds. Avoid hot and dry sites. Fertilize in spring before leaves
emerge. Pruning is best kept to a minimum, but if needed should be done in late fall to mid winter. Spring or summer pruning often
results in significant bleeding.  
Hardy in zones 5 to 8

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Thuja Gardens
This cultivar was discovered as a seedling at the Trompenburg
Arboretum in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
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