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Fast-Growing Shade Tree with a True "WOW" Factor.
T“WOW!” People will pull up to your yard and gawk.

This beautiful shade tree is covered in spring with flowers that look for
all the world like large tulips growing from the branches. The ‘tulips’ in
shades of yellow, green and orange – are so beautiful that museums
and botanical gardens around the country have Tulip Tree walks, where
paths are lines with these remarkable bloomers.

Lirodendron tulipifera or tulip tree a fast growing large shade tree that
can reach 15 to 20 feet over a 6 to 8 year period.As a specimen tree on
a large property it has great beauty and in fall can be spectacular.
Hummingbirds are drawn to the nectar in tulip trees' flowers, while
bobwhites, rabbits, squirrels and other animals feed on the seed.

Tulip tree actually is not a poplar, but a member of the
magnolia family.

Tulip poplar produces tulip-shaped, light greenish-yellow
flowers from April to June.

Tulip poplar makes a desirable street, shade, or ornamental

The fruits provide food for squirrels in the late fall and winter
months, and the white-tailed deer often browse on the seeds.
Thuja Gardens
Tulip Poplar
A great tree for all seasons and one of our best
sellers. Very fast growing shade tree!
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Tulip Poplar Trees
Fast-Growing Shade Tree with a True "WOW" Factor.
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