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Willow Weeping Babylonica-Salix Babylonica

This beautiful weeping willow (the best of the green weeping
) is a hardy deciduous tree. Willow Weeping Babylonica forms
a gracefully rounded crown to about 50 feet in height with a spread
just as wide.

Willow Weeping Babylonica's bark is dark gray and deeply furrowed.
Branches divide into many thin stems that hang in pendulous curtains
to the ground.

Willow Weeping Babylonica is very adaptable and will thrive
in most any soil.

Weeping willows are wide, tall trees with curtains of drooping
branches that sweep the ground. Their small, narrow leaves appear in
very late winter, giving the trees a golden look. They become green as
they mature and turn yellow in autumn.

A majestic, fast-growing tree, weeping willow branches
separate into many thin stems that droop airily to the

The weeping willow displays narrow leaves on its classic pendulous
branches. This lance-shaped foliage sometimes has a silky underside
that glistens on a sunny, windy day.

For a weeping willow tree with bright green leaves in spring, plant
Salix babylonica. This weeping willow is one of the first trees to come
into leaf in spring, and one of the last to lose its foliage in fall. Green
summer foliage yields to a yellow color in autumn. Height 40', spread
30'. Zones 4-9.
Thuja Gardens
Weeping Willow
Perfect for those looking for a quick way to add character
and value to their property. An excellent shade tree that is
always in high demand. A favorite among tree lovers for its
dramatic appearance and rounded, weeping shape.
Weeping Willow
5 to 6 Ft.
Bare Root
2 or more
$44.25 ea.


5 to 6 Ft.
2 or more
$58.95 ea.
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