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Willow Oak
Often referred to as a handsome tree, this member of the mighty
oak family comes with a stand-out feature: willow-like leaves.
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Willow oak is an excellent large shade tree. Its fine texture contrasts with the coarseness
of most other red oaks. It is one of the best oaks for avenue plantings or large residences.
Willow oak is a fast-growing oak that transplants easily and is tolerant of a wide range of
growing conditions.

Willow oak is a member of the red oak group without lobed leaves. Its acorn matures in
two years. With age, the willow oak becomes a stately tree. It is a superior choice where
space permits a large oak tree.

It thrives in moist, well-drained, acidic soil and full sun. The willow oak will tolerate pollution
and drought and is considered a trouble-free tree as long as soil pH is acidic. Willow oak
has a fibrous root system and is therefore easy to transplant. It has no serious disease or
insect problems.
The Willow Oak Tree is an American classic.  A tree that is long lived and grows to amazing heights, the Willow Oak is a great
provider of shade and food for the eco system.  Willow Oaks are often planted alongside roads, parks, and in the yards of rural and
suburban homes.This Oak tree offers a truly colorful front yard or street view for your home.

Growing to an astounding 60 feet high and 40 feet wide this tree will provide lots of shade during the summer months. The fast
growing Willow Oak is adaptable to many conditions and soil types. This hardy and tolerant tree is low maintenance and easy to

If you are looking for a fast growing tree that will grow to outstanding heights and remain faithful all year round, the Willow Oak is
the tree for you. With striking color and superb shade, the Willow Oak is a great addition to your landscape.
Willow Oak
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Willow Oak
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