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Yoshino Cherry
Because of its compact size it will easily fit
into most residential landscapes.   
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The most popular cherry blossom tree
and a national landmark in D.C., the
Yoshino Cherry is a gorgeous ornamental
specimen that adds a burst of sumptuous
color to any sort of landscape.
Breathtakingly beautiful spring blossoms.

Moderate height and width, making it
perfect for small yards.

Low-maintenance as an ornamental tree.
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Yoshino Cherry
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Stunning, awesome, and beautiful are words that may be
used to describe the hybrid Yoshino Cherry tree in full glory

The Yoshino cherry is a deciduous flowering tree so impressive that
many rank it among the best of the spring flowering trees.

The Yoshino Cherry often creates a real stir when blooms
are as gorgeous and bountiful as they are in the spring.

The slightly fragrant, white to pink flowers for which the plant is so
well known, typically appear in mid-March.

Small spaces can be greatly enhanced with the addition of a
Yoshino Cherry.

That's because it's a relatively small flowering tree usually only
reaching 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide at maturity.

Because the Yoshino's flowers appear before the foliage emerges, it is
one of the showiest of the flowering cherries. It makes an excellent
specimen plant but can also be used in groupings to increase its
appeal. Since the Yoshino cherry grows rather fast, be sure to give it
ample room and plenty of sunshine when finding a home for it in
your landscape.
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