Feeds trtees and shrubs for up to 2 years. Saves planting time and labor
costs. Easy-to-use, just place the recommended number of tablets into
planting hole. No other fertilizer is necessary.

If you use these at the time of planting and do a good mulching job. Sunshine
& Water is all you will ever need for beautiful evergreen privacy.

These tablets are easy to use,without the fear of using to much or to little.
When planting new trees and shrubs in sandy or clay soil, we recommend mixing Black Kow® with and
equal part of soil from the planting hole.

Black Kow® composted cow manure with help hold water and fertilizer in the soil before releasing
them as needed by the plant. WE think Black Kow is a good brand, however use what you can find....
real thing is the BEST.

You will find this at all indoor garden centers @ LOWES

Use this with 1 quart plants and seedlings.
Scotts Osmocote Outdoor/Indoor 10 lb.bag

19-6-12 Formula. Nutrient release is much like that of Osmocote 14-14-14. Recommended for fast
growing plants that require high nitrogen intake. Great for fast growing evergreen trees.  

You will find this at all  LOWES gardens centers in 10 pound bags @ about $20.00 per bag.
Thuja Gardens
Agriform Fertilizer Tablets
Keeps your trees happy for 2 years!
Keeps your plants happy for 2 years!
Two Year Planting Tablets For Root Zone Feeding Of Trees,
Shrubs & Ground Covers.
With Minors! Agriform Planting Tablets contain
micronutrients derived from sulfates. Micronutrients derived from sulfates are generally
more available during the life of the tablet. This results in more micronutrients being
utilized by plants. How Agriform Planting Tablets Work These compact, easy-to-use
fertilizer tablets eliminate the need for measuring small quantities of dry materials, and
provide a safe, scientifically complete plant food which feeds for up to two years. Planting
Tablets fill the continuing need of all plants for a full range of nutrients. During the first
year of establishment, the demand for plant food is not great in terms of pounds of
nutrients, but continuous availability is critical for the development of healthy roots and
vigorous top growth. Roots completely surround Agriform Planting Tablets to pick up
the nutrients that are gradually released by the action of soil bacteria.
The absorbed nutrients are transported throughout the plant by the sap stream. Ureaformaldehyde is the total Nitrogen source,
supplying prolonged-release, nonleaching Nitrogen to the plant roots. Adequate quantities of available Phosphorus, Potassium, and
secondary and minor elements complete the formula. Soil bacteria acting on the surface of the tablets gradually convert the slow-
releasing nutrients to a form that can be absorbed by the roots. The rate of conversion varies with the soil temperature, just as a plant’s
requirement for Nitrogen varies with the season of the year. Special Advantages • Safe, easy to handle, convenient. • Agriform Planting
Tablets feed for up to two years in warm climates. This reduces labor and materials for reapplications. • The simplicity of premeasured
tablets insures uniform and adequate fertilization. • Supervisory time is reduced. Count and placement of tablets can easily be verified by
inspection after installation. • Root zone placement eliminates feeding surface rooted weeds and grass. No surface residue to wash
away. • Leach-resistant properties of tablets protect underground water from pollution.
7 gal. Pot
4 Tablets
5 gal. Pot
3 Tablets
3 gal. Pot
3 Tablets
1 gal. Pot
1 Tablet
Suggested Application Rates for Agriform 20-10-5 Tablets
This is a 2 Year Tablet

Leach-resistant properties of tablets protect underground
water from pollution.
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